Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


Remember Infini-D Learning? The name that was taking the stand against traditional learning, bringing fun to classrooms, and taking you on epic learning adventures? Well, guess what? We're evolving (just like the universe!), and we are getting a name upgrade! Read more about our evolution ->
We're moving beyond outdated methods and embracing a future where learning is dynamic, personalized, and truly inspiring. We're beyond ecstatic to take you on this journey.
Ready to redefine education together and witness the magic unfold?
New name, new possibilities 🚀
This new name isn't just about convenience, though. The new name reflects our passion for empowering learners of all ages to explore the endless possibilities of knowledge!
Think of everything you loved about Infini-D Learning, but now imagine it amplified! We're talking bigger, better, and bursting with new ways to fuel the learning journey.
Bookmark the new URL 💾
Our new URL (, makes it even easier to blast off into the learning. It's a name that's easy to remember, easy to say, and easy to type – perfect for blasting off on your student's learning journey without any issues. Simply bookmark and get ready to launch your students into a world of possibilities!
If you encounter any hiccups with our new URL, don't worry! Our team is here to help you navigate the switch smoothly.
Raise your hands if you're feeling like a burnt-out superhero juggling lesson plans, battling boredom, and drowning in paperwork. We see you, and we feel you.
Well, fret no more! Our February update is here to transform your classroom from snoozefest to superstar with features that'll save you time, boost engagement, and make learning an adventure. Buckle up, teachers, because this update is about to turn your classroom into the envy of the entire school (except maybe the art room... those glitter explosions are hard to beat).
🎒 Drag students between teams
Drag students between teams #2
Tired of team-switching woes? The days of endlessly crossing our fingers and planning teams far in advance are over. With our drag-and-drop magic, rearranging students between teams is now as easy as rearranging your socks (unless the dryer ate one!).
Just grab a student's name, give it a friendly drag, and boom! They're in their new learning squad, ready to collaborate and take on the challenge. And who knows, maybe they'll even find their new learning bestie along the way! Try it out yourself
📊 Download analytics as a CSV
Asset 105@2x
Introducing the ability to
download student reports as CSV files
. This means no more manual data entry and no more deciphering messy handwriting (we all know someone who writes like a doctor). So ditch the sticky notes and hand-written scores, and embrace the grading revolution! Go to analytics
🌐 🔗Clever saves the day
Infini-D just got a whole lot easier to access thanks to our brand new integration with Clever! Now, you can ditch the password struggles and log in seamlessly with your existing Clever account. You are (literally) a single click and they're ready to embark on exciting learning journeys!
What's the magic behind it? By integrating with Clever, we're making login and access simpler and more secure than ever. So, teachers, ditch the clipboard and embrace the future of classroom management.
🔢 Big numbers
Big numbers v2
Imagine the impact of reaching students across the globe, fostering their critical thinking, and igniting a passion for learning. At Infini-D Learning, that's not just a dream, it's a reality. From diverse classrooms to international borders, Infini-D Learning is breaking down barriers and opening doors to a world of possibilities.
👌Memes of the month
Tired of juggling lesson plans, engagement battles, and mountains of paperwork? We hear you. That's why Infini-D just dropped a January update that's like a Swiss army knife for educators – packed with tools to save you time, boost achievement, and make your classroom the coolest place on campus (sorry, cafeteria!).
As always, we've packed this update with teacher-requested features!
📚✏️ Adding & removing Google Classes with ease
Asset 95@2x
We've streamlined Google Class importing with laser precision. Now you have the freedom to select and import only the classes that you need, as well as the option to delete any unused classes. This not only saves you time but also reignites your love for our program. Import Classes
🤫 Shh... We're working on something special
Asset 96@2x
We've been working on something special in our underground lab, and it's about to erupt into your learning landscape! We are creating a new mission type to expand into new subject areas such as English-Language Arts and integrate cross-curricular literacy skills into science/STEM missions.
These new missions use our newest features and will be based on ELA reading, writing, and speaking standards. Beta testing is currently underway, but we'll start releasing some of these literacy missions on Dashboard for more Open BETA feedback here in the next few months. Stay tuned!
🎯 Other Exciting Updates
  • Creative Canvas: Students' creations are now showing at the end of the missions.
  • Creative Canvas: Students' whiteboard automatically saves drawings, even if the screen needs to refresh.
  • Fix bug where the analytics page would crash for some missions
  • District administrators in ni-D can access comprehensive analytics of their district without any restrictions.
Hold onto your hats, because we've got a whirlwind of product updates coming your way this November. Prepare to be amazed, delighted, and possibly even slightly overwhelmed by the sheer awesomeness that awaits you.
From groundbreaking features that will revolutionize the way you plan for missions that will make your day-to-day tasks a breeze, we've got something for everyone. Get ready to experience the power of Infini-D at its finest. This is not just a product update; it's an educational revolution.
🌟 Standard Alignment Page
Asset 88@2x
The wait is finally over! Presenting the Standard Alignment page, your new one-stop shop for seamlessly integrating missions into your curriculum. This centralized masterpiece will ensure that you can perfectly match each mission to the corresponding standard you had in mind for the classroom. No more aimlessly scrolling through the Dashboard, no more unnecessary work – just a harmonious symphony of effortless planning! Go to Standards Page ->
👀 Dashboard is so fresh so clean
New Dashboard
Say bye to the sidebar and say hello to the new (and better) layout. 
We've given our dashboard a makeover, and even we asked ourselves; "Why haven't we done that sooner?" The Dashboard is not just visually more appealing, but it's also better looking on any smartphone device.
🚀 Ready...set...launch
Screenshot 2023-11-29 170918
Our pop-up box has undergone a major change, shedding its extra baggage and emerging as a lean, mean, educational machine.
Picture this: you're about to embark on an epic mission, but you're feeling a bit rusty. That's when our revamped pop-up box swoops in, armed with targeted standards and the mission guide to get you and your students ready for the mission.
Think of it as your personal mission prep guru, whispering essential tips and strategies into your ear. No more wading through endless paragraphs of text; just the key takeaways you need to conquer any mission that comes your way.
🎯 Other Exciting Updates
  • Improved international signup:
    We're making it easier than ever for users from around the world to join our program with our revamped international signup process. This streamlined experience will eliminate zip code and phone number barriers.
  • Creative Canvas:
    Your artistic playground has just been upgraded! Experience a smoother, faster creative canvas, and teachers can now keep those mischievous fingers at bay with student access restrictions.
  • Expanded CSV class upload
    : Enhancement to our CSV upload functionality, allowing you to utilize a wider range of column header names when importing a class manually.
We're excited to announce the release of Collaborative Station, our newest and greatest station yet! It's a place where students can work together to create collaborative, real-time design solutions with their teams.
🎃 Showstopper Halloween Mission
To test out Collaborative Station, we put our students to the challenge of creating a Halloween costume for RALF. The results were nothing short of spectacular! We saw purple furry bots, swaying palm trees, purple dragons and even green goblins.
Asset 84@2x
The creativity and imagination that our students showed in the Halloween mission were truly impressive. And we're even more excited to see what they'll create using Collaborative Station in the future.
In addition to being a blast, the Halloween mission was also a great success academically.
  • More than
    70 schools
    ghoulishly participated.
  • 120+ teachers
    launched the mission with a coven of enthusiasm.
  • Over
    4,000 students
    helped create a fangtastic new customer for Ralf.
  • The Showstopper mission was flown more times than you can count
We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from teachers and students alike. Hurry and check out the Winning Costumes here.
🔎 Collaborative Station fixes
Collaboration Canvas
We're also excited to report that we've fixed a number of bugs on Collaborative Station that were reported by users. So now, you and your students can enjoy all of the amazing features without any interruptions (or at least we think). The list is so long that it couldn't fit into this email, so if you are curious about those changes, just ask us.
♾️ Student Count for All Classes
Canny-october #2
Counting students can be a daunting task, especially if you have a large class. But don't worry, we're here to help! With our new update (and some fancy code), you can now count your students in the blink of an eye. That's right, we said the blink of an eye. Our program is so accurate, you won't even have time to say "boo!" (And that's especially fitting for this time of year, don't you think?)
🎯 Other Exciting Updates
  • Allow users to update their first name, last name, and email from the profile page.
  • Mission summaries now scroll when hovering over a mission tile.
  • Make a horizontal scroll between questions in analytics a little better.
  • Added steps for the creative canvas to training.
🐛 Fixing one bug at a time
  • Creative Canvas text boxes won't flow off the screen.
  • Fix minor style issues on student controls.
  • Fix bug where the cursor would not appear after dropdown slots in Cloze Dropdown question editing.
This month we're celebrating the fact that we just had one of our best start of the school year! We're so excited to share this achievement with our amazing teachers, like yourself. Your commitment to your students is truly inspiring!
Asset 71@2x
Don't forget that all of our missions are designed to make learning fun again and they cover a wide range of topics. And because we're constantly adding new missions, there's always something new for your students to learn.
🚀 New and Upgraded Missions
Asset 73@2x
Read Between the Waves
(Wave Patterns-4th grade): In a thrilling adventure that blends science, action, and teamwork, students are dispatched to the planet Dejerria to protect the galaxy's sole source of the Persepha plant, a critical ingredient in life-saving medicines. Run mission ->
Cold Dark Planet
(Wave Patterns-7th & 8th grade): The mission has been redesigned to help your students learn more about waves and energy in a fun and exciting way. Run mission ->
The Sinister Sun
(Graphs and Coordinates-5th grade): This re-released mission is better than ever, with new challenges, questions, and more actions. Students will have to use their skills and ingenuity to succeed. Run mission ->
🔎 Find missions faster with new grade range
Missions-Grade level
Now it's easier than ever to find the right missions for your grade level! We've added grade ranges to all missions, so you can see at a glance if they're a good fit for your students.
💭 What others say about our missions
Asset 74@2x
🎯 Other updates
  • Google Classroom:
    When you reimport your Google classes, all of them will be automatically resynced in Infini-D. This means that any archived Google Classes will no longer show up in your Infini-D classes section.
  • Mission prep:
    We've removed the crew size limit from each role assignment, so you can move students around more easily. Now you can create the perfect team for each mission!
  • Teacher station:
    You can now see how many students are connected right from the loading screen.
🐛 Fixing one bug at a time
  • Improved subject filter in the mission library for greater inclusivity.
  • Fixed red repair dots on JR repairs.
  • Expanded search field in mission library to include standard names and category names.
  • Fixed school picker for creating classes for district admins.
We know that the beginning of the school year can be a busy time, but we're here to make it as easy as possible for you to get your students started with Infini-D.
In August, we've been working hard to add some exciting new features that will help your students learn curriculums in a more engaging and immersive way. Here are a few highlights:
🚀 Mission: Fun!
Asset 58@2x
Our mission library just got a little bigger! We've launched
6 new missions
this month, covering topics that will blow your students' minds (and hopefully not their noses). From coordinate graphing to water distribution to the earth's spheres, there's something for everyone. Check out the missions in Dashboard.
🔬 3-Dimensional Science Tab
Asset 58@2x
We've added a brand new tab to the Dashboard that's packed with
3-D topics
, concepts, and ideas. These resources will help your students build their research, communication, and analytical thinking skills as they explore the different subjects.
Just select a mission and click on the dropdown to see all the 3-D science information we have for that mission.
🐛 Fixing one bug at a time
  • Fix issue in engineering panel where videos were overlapping with other components.
  • Fix bug where analytics was not showing up for some school admins.
  • Fix a bug where the title of map objects that appears when hovering over a map object could flow out of view
We've had a busy summer here at Infini-D Mission HQ, publishing 8 brand-new missions for you to enjoy! Whether you're looking for a thrilling adventure, a challenging puzzle, or an ice-breaking exercise, we have something for everyone.
Here's a quick overview of all 8 missions:
Forecast Fiasco
(K-2nd grade, Weather Forecasting)
: Using their weather forecasting skills, the crew will outsmart Moodoo to help Tellenor react correctly to severe weather. Launch mission
Forecast fiasco-thumbnail
Tackling Toxins
(K-1st grade, Environmental Influences)
: When Moodoo contaminated the water of Tellenor, the crew will identify how living things are affected and will implement a solution to address the problem. Launch mission
Tackling toxins 500x280
Botanical Break-In
(1st-2nd grade, Plant Growth)
: The crew must use their knowledge of plant growth to find a rare, stolen plant in Moodoo's greenhouse and escape before it's too late. Launch mission
Botanical break-in-thumbnail
Polar Opposites
(3rd-4th grade, Magnetic Interactions)
: Using their knowledge of magnetic interactions, the crew will infiltrate Moodoo's stronghold to get a valuable, stolen crystal back. Launch mission
Polar opposites-thumbnail
Laser Labyrinth
(5th-8th grade, Force, Mass, and Motion)
: Using their knowledge of forces, motion, and mass, students will infiltrate Moodoo's stronghold to get a valuable, stolen crystal back. Launch mission
Laser labyrinth-thumbnail
Show of Force
(6th-8th grade, Orbital Motional and Gravity)
: After a data breach, the crew must apply its knowledge of orbital motion and gravity to find the Crooked Snakes before it's too late. Launch mission
Show of force-thumbnail
Chloroplast Chaos
(7th-8th grade, Photosynthesis)
: Using their knowledge of photosynthesis, students investigate why plants on Tellenor are dying to restore balance to the planet before it's too late. Launch mission
Chloroplast Chaos-thumbnail
Faculty Mission
(Faculty Ice-Breaker)
: Using your knowledge of coordinate grids, your faculty will protect your school from an incoming asteroid. Launch mission
Faculty mission-thumbnail




Updates - April 2023

It hasn't been your typical month at Infini-D. It's that time again – we've got some amazing new updates to share with you!
From new designs to awesome features that will take your experience to the next level, we've been hard at work making your time with us even more amazing. Let's dive in and discover all the cool new stuff we've made for you!
Mission lobby leaderboard
Student screen leaderboard
While waiting for the mission to start, students can view the leaderboard for the current mission in the lobby. This allows them to see where their class stands among others and adds extra motivation for taking the top spot.
Plus, the 'Preparing for launch' screen just got a major style upgrade! 
All new mission guides
New mission guide
The new cover page outlines
best practices
suggested progression
of instruction to ensure optimal educational outcomes. All supplemental resources are packed into a single section to support your teaching goals.
We've also included
extra resources
to encourage intervention/extension strategies that enhance student learning outcomes.
New scanning button
Scanning gif
We've revamped the scanning button with a sleek and modern design. It's not only visually appealing but also more intuitive for students to use. With this update, students can scan objects quicker and easier, leaving more time for problem-solving.
Don't forget, the more students that scan the same object, the faster it goes!
April's new missions
We have released three new missions for you and your students to explore this month. Students will need to collaborate and overcome any obstacles together, as there are new adventures awaiting them.
  1. Operation Starfall (4-6 science): using knowledge of shadows, stars, and patterns, students will decipher clues to find the Crooked Snakes before they get away with a heist.
  1. Tsunami Lite (3-5 science): the mission is now available with Jr. controls.
  1. Infini-D League missions (K-3 & 4-9): this year's competition will push student skills to the limit, and they must work together to win the ultimate prize. The competition ends on May 19, 2023.
Fixing one bug at a time
  • General UI cleanup for teachers and students.
  • Fix bug where the end of the mission sequence would display the incorrect number of points.
  • Fix bug where the analytics pdf would not download if a student hadn't answered a question.
  • Fix bug where the individual student analytics page would not show 4+ analytics even if the student had run 4+ missions in the past.
  • Analytics: admins can now drill down to individual missions.
  • Ability to see all student question attempts in analytics.
We’re excited to announce a brand-new makeover for the Infini-D Learning analytics page! We have shifted the focus to proficiency benchmarks and features that provide an even better tool to increase
student achievement
, deepen
whole-class engagement
, and foster
21st-century skills
in your classroom, school, and/or district.
Proficiency benchmarks 📈
The new proficiency benchmarking table will give you an even more comprehensive understanding of your student's progress. You'll be able to see how your students are progressing and identify areas where they may need more help.
New analytics-Proficiency
Understanding numbers, nurturing potentials 👩‍🏫
Get ready to unlock the secrets of your student's progress with our new interactive data visualization! Say goodbye to boring spreadsheets and hello to colorful and engaging visuals that will help you spot trends and identify areas for growth.
With the new tool, you'll have all the information you need to help your students reach their full potential. So let's dive in and discover the power of data-driven teaching!
New analytics-Class
We have designed these tools with YOU in mind in order to give teachers and administrators more actionable data that will allow educators to more seamlessly integrate Infini-D into their instructional rhythms.
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